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Best Macramé Books for Beginners

For anyone looking to get into macramé, here are some books that I consider the absolute best macramé books for beginners. These are titles which feature beautiful projects, as well as knot dictionaries and helpful guidance on finding materials & learning to create your own designs.

Read on for a quick synopsis of each title, listed in no particular order, as well as a brief review of each. These books are linked for convenience, so be sure to check them out!

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macramé at home book cover

Macramé At Home by Natalie Ranae

Publisher: Page Street Publishing

Release Date: April 17, 2018

Purchase: Paperback; Kindle Edition

(from the publisher)

Indulge your macramé obsession the fun way—by making it yourself! Macramé artist and teacher Natalie Ranae will guide you step by step to create stunning designer art pieces to adorn any space with boho vibes. From contemporary plant hangers to elegant wall hangings to practical home accents such as pillows, rugs and floor poufs, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get an impressive result with your very first project.

All of the twenty projects include detailed photos and instructions for every step, and each project features a variation at the end that changes the look, for a total of forty potential designs. Featuring a practical guide to common knots and patterns, no other DIY macramé book offers this much variety and instruction for designer pieces. Natalie provides you the knowledge and skills to recreate her pieces exactly as shown, or confidently branch off with your own design. With such beautiful inspiration at your fingertips, the only limit is your imagination.

This book is perfect for beginners. Natalie Ranae’s photo tutorials are clear and helpful, and the included projects range from absolute beginner to intermediate-advanced. A knot dictionary of the most basic knots is included, as well as some general tips & tricks to make knotting especially easy. This was my very first macramé book & it remains one of my favorites!

make it modern macrame book cover

Make It Modern Macramé by Mia Boyle

Publisher: Stash Books

Release Date: April 25, 2021

Purchase: Paperback; Kindle Edition

(from the publisher)

Start something new with fiber art expert Mia Boyle of Peanut Butter & Jelly Bean by Mia and explore the world of modern macramé! Begin with the basics and learn tools, materials, and basic knotting techniques for fiber arts, and then move onto making beautiful projects. From macramé feathers to rope-wrapped rainbows and an elaborate wallhanging, readers will find easy-to-follow instructions for popular projects with trend-forward designs. Each project includes step-by-step photographs and detailed instructions. Discover a new craft with endless possibilities that is both creatively satisfying and relaxing!

This is the latest addition to my crafting library. Make It Modern Macramé features lots of projects that you have likely spotted on Instagram! Feathers, rainbows, and cute charms are all featured within. Many of the projects in here are quick-to-make & don’t require loads of cord, making them perfect for craft fairs & Etsy shops.

Macrame book cover

Macramé by Fanny Zedenius

Publisher: Quadrille Publishing

Release Date: July 3, 2017

Purchase: Paperback

(from the publisher)

In recent months there has been an astonishing resurgence in the striking yet simple craft of macramé (first made popular in the 1970s). In Macramé, Fanny Zedenius offers a refreshing twist on the addictive craft. Beginning with the basics, she takes us through all the essentials: what you need to get started, a glossary covering 30 of the most popular knots, tips on how to create different patterns through various knot combinations, and advice on how to hang and display your makes. The book also takes readers through ombre dyeing, fraying, and customizing with beads, and includes fully illustrated step by step instructions for 22 homeware projects such as impressive wall hangings, a beautiful table runner and napkins, whimsical dream catchers, and pretty plant hangers.

This is another title that features many absolute-beginner-level projects. A knot dictionary includes many knots not seen in previously listed titles, which you’ll definitely want to try! While I prefer the projects in Macramé 2, those included in this title are excellent for anyone just dipping their toes into this craft.

macrame 2 book cover

Macramé 2 by Fanny Zedenius

Publisher: Quadrille Publishing

Release Date: January 21, 2020

Purchase: Paperback

(from the publisher)

From homewares to wearables plus some essential wedding accessories, Fanny Zedenius is back and ready to take your macramé further with 20 projects that propel your knotting to the next level.

Beginning with the basics, Fanny will teach you 30 popular, new knots and how to combine them, the best way to calculate your rope lengths and inspiration how to display your makes.

Macramé 2 includes a stunning collection of advanced projects such as beautiful wall hangings, an impressive wedding backdrop, canopy, jacket and foot stool. Fanny also provides tips on natural dyeing, weaving, and how to tackle those larger projects with skill and ease.

With beautiful lifestyle photography and illustrated steps, this book has everything you need to expand your knotting horizons and create the designs of your dreams… the possibilities are endless.

Yes, both of Fanny’s titles made the list! The knot dictionaries included in her books are just so helpful & the projects are gorgeous. There’s a super cool section on natural home dyeing, lots of new knots to try, and some general weaving tutorials. Macramé 2 is likely the most advanced book on this list, but I would still recommend it to anyone eager to try new techniques!

modern macrame book cover

Modern Macramé by Emily Katz

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

Release Date: May 15, 2018

Purchase: Hardcover; Kindle Edition

(from the publisher)

Macramé–the fine art of knotting–is an age-old craft that’s undergoing a contemporary renaissance. At the heart of this resurgence is Emily Katz, a lifestyle icon and artist who teaches sold out macramé workshops around the world and creates swoon-worthy aspirational interiors with her custom hand-knotted pieces. Modern Macramé is a stylish, contemporary guide to the traditional art and craft of macramé, including 33 projects, from driftwood wall art and bohemian light fixtures to macramé rugs and headboards. The projects are showcased in easy to follow and photogenic project layouts, guiding both the novice and the more experienced crafter in a highly achievable way. Included with every project are thoughtful lifestyle tips showing how macramé can provide the perfect finishing touch for the modern, well-designed home–whether it’s a hundred-year-old farmhouse, a sophisticated loft, or a cozy but stylish rental.

Anyone on social media has likely heard of Modern Macramé. In addition to being a macramé supplier and general resource for all things knotting, Modern Macramé is such an influential brand within the fiber arts community. And they have a book! The projects included run from quick and tiny to huge. Most are good for beginners, as the majority use only very basic knots. Modern Macramé is a definite must for every crafter’s shelf!

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