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Macramé Star Ornament

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may already be looking for handmade gift ideas that are trendy, festive, and blessedly quick to make. This macramé star ornament is just that. The knots used are simple & beginner friendly (as well as linked for convenience) and one roll of rope can easily make several ornaments.

My collection of macramé ornament patterns are among my most popular posts from my previous blog, and I couldn’t wait to share them again (with edits & clarification). As always, the pattern is available for free below with an included picture tutorial and links to tutorials for the knots.

Be sure to check out Etsy for a downloadable, printable PDF (includes photo tutorial + knot tutorials) for the price of a cup of coffee!

Macramé Star Ornament fringe

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  • Approx. 31 feet (9.4m) 3mm cotton rope (MB Cordas has a good selection at a fair price)
  • 2-inch (5cm) wood ring

Abbreviations + Glossary:

LHK(s)Lark’s Head Knot(s)
DCH(s)Diagonal Clove Hitch(es)

Filler Cord: A cord which is knotted around. It is not used for tying knots.

Fray: To separate the threads of the rope to create a decorate effect.

Working Cord: The active cords used to tie knots.

Note: we have photo tutorials available for the LHK + DCH available in our archives.

Finished Dimensions:

Ornament measures approx. 5-inches (13cm) across from point to point (not incl. fringe).

Macramé star Ornament close up

Pattern Notes:

  • As with most macramé patterns, keep in mind that using a thicker rope will require you to increase the length of your cords. Likewise, a thinner rope won’t require as much. Be sure to measure the thickness of your rope before cutting cords to ensure it matches its stated width.
    • This pattern calls for 3mm cotton rope. If using a different rope size, you may wish to experiment with varying lengths before cutting all cords.

Macramé Star Ornament

Purchase the ad-free, printable pdf. instructions on Etsy.

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Cut the following:

  • 20 cords, each 18-inches (46cm) long
  • 1 cord (cotton rope or twine), 12-inches (20cm) long

Fold 4 of the 18-inch cords in half and attach to the ring with LHKs.

Step 1:

Tie one row of DCHs using the furthest cord on the left and the furthest on the right as filler cords. Meet in the middle to form a point.

macramé star ornament step 1

Step 2:

Tie another row of DCHs beneath the first row, again using the furthest cords on the left and right as filler cords.

macramé star ornament step 2

Step 3:

Rep Steps 1-2 four more times, each time with another group of 4 of the 18-inch cords.

Step 4:

Once you have five points completed, trim and fray the leftover cord to create an even, softer fringe.

macramé star ornament steps 3-4

Step 5:

Attach the 12-inch cord between two points of the star using a LHK. Knot this cord at the top to create a loop from which to hang your ornament.

macramé star ornament step 5

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