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Rustic Holiday Crochet Garland

With the holidays coming fast, I wanted a few themed patterns to get into the spirit. I had so much fun making this crochet garland, and it’s one of those wonderfully easy projects you can piece together in an afternoon.

Making crochet snowflakes is all about experimentation, and no matter whether your process is simple or highly intricate, the results can be stunning. For this crochet garland, we’ll make a handful of fairly simple snowflakes. I used Caron Simply Soft (I love the rustic look of the tweed), but this yarn is quite a bit thicker than most recommend for crocheting snowflakes. As a result, I found that simpler equals better. Going too complex tends to warp and curl the designs too much.

And then, of course, come the pom-poms! These are easy to make and add such a cute, fun touch to this crochet garland. I would recommend a pom-pom maker for the added simplicity, but this isn’t necessary. I’ll include some instructions below on how to make these cute puffs.

rustic crochet holiday garland

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Gauge Information:

Unnecessary for this pattern.

Abbreviations + Glossary (US Terms):

chChainsl stSlip Stitch
scSingle CrochetrndRound
dcDouble Crochet


Finished garland (as seen in photos) measures 40-inches long.

rustic crochet garland detail

Pattern Notes:

  • To make the 40″ crochet garland as seen in the photos, I made 6 snowflakes and 5 pom-poms, each with a space of 5 chains between them.
  • Definitely play around with lengths and placement of poms and snowflakes–this is a very flexible pattern, and I would love for you all to share your variations on it!

Rustic Holiday Crochet Garland


Make 6.

Foundation Ring: Ch5, join with sl st to first ch.

Rnd 1: Ch3 (counts as 1dc), 1dc in ring, [ch2, 2dc] 5 times in ring, ch2, join with sl st to top of ch3.

Rnd 2: Ch1 (counts as 1sc), *ch6, sl st to 4th ch from hook to form picot, ch5, sl st to 5th ch from hook to form picot, ch4, sl st to 4th ch from hook to form picot, sl st in 2nd ch and 1st ch of previous ch6, 1sc in next dc, 3sc in ch-2 space, 1sc in next dc; rep from * 5 times, join with sl st to initial ch1.

Fasten off after final sl st, weave in ends. Select a chain anywhere between the 6 points of the snowflake, then join yarn and ch15 before cutting yarn. This will be used to attach the snowflake to the garland.

rustic crochet garland snowflake

Pom Poms

Cut 5 lengths of yarn about 20″ long each. Wrap these 5 cuts of yarn around your pom-pom maker or cardboard donut until the template is completely covered. Cut the yarn around the rim of the template.

Cut another length of yarn about 10″ long and tie a knot around the center of the pom-pom. Trim the ends, but keep the knotted length long–this will be used to attach the pom-poms to the garland.

crochet garland pom pom tutorial 1
crochet garland pom pom tutorial 2
crochet garland pom pom tutorial finished


Make the garland base by cutting 4 lengths of yarn, each 5yds long. Hold all 4 lengths together, and chain along the length with your larger crochet hook. This should end up measuring about 38-39″ long. Make a knot at each end to secure it.

To attach the snowflakes and pom-poms, space them evenly along the garland’s base chain. With a smaller crochet hook, loop the pom-poms and snowflakes through the back loop of the selected chain. Secure the pom-poms very close to the base chain. Let the snowflakes hang the length of their own chain length.

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